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The Law Offices of Harold C. Klaskin is a law firm in Los Angeles, CA focused on civil and business litigation, debt collection and probate matters. With over 24 years of experience, Attorney Harold C. Klaskin has been helping clients throughout Southern California with professional legal advice and affordable representation. Call 310-559-7788 today to schedule a free personal consultation!Business Litigation Attorney

Are you looking for a reputable attorney? The Law Offices of Harold C. Klaskin is your premier choice in Los Angeles, CA. Whether you are facing debt collection, breach of contract, or any other business litigation matter, rely on Harold C. Klaskin to protect your rights and interests.

Harold C. Klaskin AttorneyHarold C. Klaskin is a trusted attorney who mostly handles cases involving debt collection, probate, and business litigation. He provides effective legal strategy and aggressive representation for each of his clients. After graduating with a Juris Doctor Law Degree from University of West Los Angeles School of Law, in 1992, he began his law practice in 1993 and opened his own private practice in 1999. He is now known throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area for his extensive knowledge and zealous representation.

  • State and Nationwide Civil Litigator
  • Commercial Bar Association Member
  • Wilshire Bar Association Member
  • Recognized by Martindale-Hubbell with 4.8 out of 5

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